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Intensive VIP Marketing Strategy Day

Imagine leading a thriving business, your brand consistently in the spotlight, sales soaring, and your audience passionately engaged and connected. The catalyst? A strategic, agile, organic, and content marketing approach that doesn’t keep you waiting for weeks or months.


Dive into the Intensive VIP Strategy Day — the transformative leap your marketing needs, all achievable in just one day.

The fastest way to hear your customers say, "I see you everywhere, and it's like you're talking directly to me!"

With our half-day and full-day intensive strategy sessions, you’ll leave knowing exactly what you need to do to move the needle on your marketing, visibility, and leads.

So, how do we transform your marketing journey?

  1. DISCOVERY: Book a complimentary call. We’ll outline your goals and ensure you’re poised for a breakthrough.
  2. PREPARE: Complete a simple form. I’ll then craft the blueprint for our transformative day – blending strategy and fun.
  3. EXECUTE: Together, we unearth your values and pinpoint actionable steps to elevate your marketing and business. Walk away with clarity and confidence. And for the next 30 days? I’m here for any questions. Plus, you’ll unlock exclusive resources tailored for your success

Why Navigate Marketing Alone When Expertise is Just a Day Away?

Wave goodbye to the endless cycle of trial and error in marketing. Dive deep into our VIP Strategy Intensive, where we unveil the secrets to successful marketing using the exclusive SPARK Framework.


At the close of our session, you’ll hold in your hands a clear, actionable, and prioritized roadmap of marketing strategies, designed specifically to elevate your business.

Empower Your Marketing Decisions

More than just a strategy session, this is a deep dive into understanding the essence of impactful marketing.


By the session’s end, you won’t just have a plan—you’ll possess a refined ability to discern marketing strategies, a heightened sense of what aligns with your brand’s essence, and the tools to propel your business forward. Plus, you’ll unlock a treasure trove of resources I’ve crafted over years, designed to amplify your newfound clarity and direction.

Business coach

Elevate Your Marketing in Just One Day!

Elevate your business with the VIP Intensive Strategy Session. 

Dive into the content marketing your business needs. And if you happen to embrace video and content marketing, then we can help you craft a brand that truly resonates.

Is the Intensive VIP Strategy Day Right for You?

You’ll benefit if you are:

  • A business owner driven to surpass your growth goals.
  • An entrepreneur focused on generating buzz for your brand.
  • A company ready to harness video marketing for heightened visibility and sales.
  • Someone who’s felt let down by past marketing efforts or consultants, seeking refined, simplified strategies that truly work.
  • A brand desiring a marketing approach crafted just for you.
  • A business visionary seeking an actionable content strategy for immediate implementation.

What's Included in the VIP Strategy Intensive:

🔹 Values Elicitation for Genuine Branding: We dive deep into your intrinsic values. Through my NLP training, I’ll help you bring out and align your internal values with your marketing, ensuring an authentic brand presence.

🔹 Deep Dive into Your Business: In our half-day or full-day intensive, we focus entirely on understanding the nuances of your business and its unique needs.

🔹 Custom-tailored Marketing Roadmap: Every brand is distinct. Our goal is to create a marketing strategy that echoes your brand’s voice and purpose.

🔹 Prioritized Action Plan: By the end of our session, you’ll have a clear, prioritized list of marketing opportunities perfectly designed to move your business forward.

🔹 Exclusive Access to Premium Resources: Unlock our handpicked templates, swipe files, and additional resources to ensure your marketing efforts are both efficient and effective.

🔹 Elevate Your Marketing Acumen: Empower yourself with enhanced marketing insights, enabling you to swiftly evaluate and seize future opportunities.

🔹 Guided Follow-Up: Stay on track with our post-session check-in call. We’re here to ensure your strategy is seamlessly implemented.

🔹 30-Day Support: Questions after our day together? You’ll have direct access to me for a month post-session, guaranteeing your marketing efforts remain on point.

You're in the Right Place if You Desire to:

  • Seek clarity and simplification after being overwhelmed by complex, ineffective marketing strategies.
  • Desire a trusted guide to rectify past marketing missteps and refocus on what truly works.
  • Aim to elevate your brand’s visibility and sales.
  • Want to ignite a genuine buzz around your business.
  • Are ready to leverage the power of video marketing to scale the attributes people trust most about your business.

Discover Our SPARK Framework

Guided by the SPARK Framework, we dissect your brand message, ensuring it resonates with your target audience, aligns strategically, and sets you on a trajectory for growth. Your personalized visibility marketing plan will spotlight you as the undeniable authority in your industry. 


Here’s how SPARK ignites your success:

🔥 Stories: Dive into narratives—those you’ve embraced internally and the powerful tales you share externally. They form the essence of your brand’s persona and energy.

🔥 People and Presence: Identify your ideal audience. Understand their who they are, where they spend their time, and design your brand’s strategic encounters with them.

🔥 Attract & Activate: Craft a game-changing marketing strategy. Watch as we supercharge your growth, spark audience engagement, and bring your ambitions to life—all while enjoying the process!

🔥 Resources & Results: Assemble the tools essential, ensuring each step aligns with tangible outcomes.

🔥 Keep Delivering & Delighting: The journey doesn’t end—it evolves. Continuously amplify your personal brand, magnify your visibility, and treasure the joy of sharing your unmatched value with your eager audience.

About Kendra

From writing her first sales letter at just 15 for her father’s engine oil business to being honored as the Higher Education Marketer of the Year, Kendra Losee is a powerhouse in the world of marketing. As the mastermind behind kendralosee.com and a sought-after social media professor in San Diego, Kendra has a track record of turning business challenges into growth opportunities.



With deep expertise in digital and omnichannel marketing strategies, Kendra has not only won multiple accolades but has also co-authored the essential guide: Digital Etiquette for Dummies. Beyond her business prowess, she has a penchant for live video, having produced and hosted over 100 interviews, and a love for competitive sports—she’s raced outrigger canoes in New Zealand and even rowed crew in college!



Educated at UCSD and Purdue, with ongoing studies in Creative Writing, Kendra’s dedication to learning took a new turn as she became a certified Master Practitioner of Neuro-linguistic Programming, Timeline Therapy, and Hypnotherapy. Her blend of marketing acumen and mindset mastery makes her a force to be reckoned with, ready to help businesses and entrepreneurs navigate the complexities of the modern marketing landscape.

Business Coach, Kendra Losee