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Let go of limited beliefs, master your marketing & claim your freedom.

From talking about how "My Business is Slow" to "Hold My Coffee, It's Time to Go Live!"

This is Your Time.

Service-based business owners, it’s your time to shine! Boost your visibility effortlessly, align your message, connect with your audience, and confidently market your beloved business—even if you’re just getting started (or if video secretly scares you a little). No ads, no hustle – just pure ease and the success you’ve always dreamed of!

Introducing the Invisible to Invincible Lab—a 90-day adventure where we merge the power of mindset with marketing mastery. Get ready to seize the vital tools to conquer your marketing, amplify your visibility, and boost your revenue—all while basking in your unique brilliance and celebrating your success.

Do any of these describe your current situation?


You have a new business that could give you more freedom and flexibility if only you could just get out of the hamster-wheel trap of spending so much time chained to your laptop helping your current clients (not to mention helping your kids, parents, or both). The last thing you want to do is spend time figuring out what to say on social media, or your blog, or an email newsletter. The pressure is high, and your last social media post is from May. (You’ll just take care of tomorrow, or the day after, or the day after that). 

OR, you’re burnt out and disillusioned by it all, especially the barrage of advice from marketing “experts.” Their conflicting guidance leaves you overwhelmed and wondering whether you should post, advertise, email, create funnels, engage, share, or dance in 49,000 Reels. It all feels forced, inauthentic, and, some days, it makes you feel out of touch (as in OLD – which is the worst). Increasingly, you find yourself struggling to answer the question seemingly easy question, “what do you do?”.



You USED to feel like a high-achiever and driven. Sigh, those were the days. Now you’re mid-life-ish, technology keeps changing, and there’s no clear path to grow your business that feels right for you. The temptation to stay small and play it safe is strong. Should you just burn it down and run away to Bali or sit around all day pretending you’re Rose from the Golden Girls? And OMG, why did starting your own business sound so freeing when you decided to go for it.

You’ve put off marketing because it’s overwhelming, and you’re unsure where to begin. Ignoring growth seems easier than confronting it. But deep down, you know you’re meant for more. You don’t want:

  • Daily social media posting on every channel
  • Over-reliance on paid ads
  • Listening to inexperienced experts who can’t relate
  • Awkward camera dancing
  • One-size-fits-all ’10x your results’ advice

Whether you’re introverted, extroverted, a perfectionist, or simply seeking more, you crave a better way.



You’ve been dreaming of a new way to grow your business. You want it to feel easy and effortless, to give you more joy, more peace, and let you enjoy life again…without feeling stuck or trapped (and secretly resenting it). Picture being interviewed from a Parisian café, followed by biking across Ireland or just relaxing with friends. You get to decide  – because your success is on your terms.

The Invisible to Invincible Lab is an all-new way for you to confidently embrace your visibility, sales, and success, in your abundant life.

Let’s talk about the good news:

Marketing doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, it can be downright enjoyable (yes, you read that right!). Success in marketing isn’t just about tirelessly posting on social media at specific times and hoping the algorithm gods are on your side. It’s not about the hustle, or the forced, gross sales-speak.


You don’t need to worry about being perfect or like everyone else (while still trying to stand out), and it’s not about spending 1000s of hours feeling like an impostor (worried someone may find out).

Instead, it’s about learning how to rewire your mindset, align your message with your values, and implement a simple marketing roadmap so you can truly connect with your audience.

It's like this:

When you’re authentic and have genuine conversations with your audience, something magical happens – Your audience gets to know, like, and trust you. Which means you have more visibility, more leads, and more sales. That’s when marketing can be a blast! 😄🚀

Positive Mindset

(plus a belief in yourself and the value you bring)

Your Fantastic Offer
Marketing Aligned With Your Values
A crystal-clear message and compelling plan your audience can't resist.

"I love making a bigger impact, attracting more clients, and being seen as THE expert who has the freedom to choose when and with whom to work – all while enjoying the flexibility to explore the world with my loved ones."
Your Future Self

Connecting authentically with your audience is the key.

It only happens when you believe in yourself and have the confidence to share your unique perspective where people can find you. It’s the quickest way to amplify your personality and your business.


The secret weapon? Update your mindset, your message, and embrace live video.

Consider these stats:

  • People are 52% more likely to share video content than other types of content like social posts, product pages and blog posts. (source: Wyzowl.com)
  • 80% of people prefer watching a live stream to reading a blog (source: Demandsage.com)
  • 82% prefer live video from a brand to social posts. (source: livestream.com)
  • People process video 60,000 times more than text (source: IFVP)

Ready to take the leap? Let’s delve into the secret weapon: updating your mindset, refining your message, and embracing live video.

vertical - video
small business coach

Go Live, Reach More People, Be Remembered!

If you’re not showing up, they can’t find you. You’re letting opportunities pass by on the internet because you’re not sharing your perspective, your opinion, and your message. Oh, and the other benefit? People can get to know, like, and trust YOU (which helps you stand out in a world with AI at everyone’s fingertips). 

The benefits of live video for your business are incredible:

  • You make a bigger impact on your audience and reach more people.
  • You can broadcast on your favorite major social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn.
  • It’s easy and convenient, requiring minimal equipment and no editing.
  • You can repurpose it into various forms of content like reels, TikTok, shorts, blog posts, emails, newsletters, and more.
  • You quickly establish credibility and stand out in your industry.
  • It can lead to increased visibility, including more leads, sales, podcast interviews, article-writing requests, and much more.
And here’s the plot twist – it doesn’t have to be challenging. In fact, it’s often better when it’s not perfect, when it’s just you being yourself. People resonate with authenticity. Imagine confidently hitting that ‘Go live’ button and having it feel like a breeze, a joy, and pure fun.

Your live videos become your silent salesforce. Who wouldn’t want that?

No need for perfection, daily posting, or scripted speeches. You just need to show up authentically as yourself, speak confidently to your audience, knowing they want to connect with YOU. 

And that’s exactly what the Invisible to Invincible Lab helps you achieve.

"The Invisible to Invincible Marketing Lab is a thorough, in-depth program that walks students through the fundamentals of live video - and prepares them to go live on their social media platform of choice so they can reach, and be seen by, the people who need their expertise and magic most. Kendra delivers excellent, detailed lessons and encouragement while facilitating phenomenal mindset shifts that will bust your inner myths and get you steered in the right direction. If you need to raise your visibility in your industry, this program is as transformational as it is practical." - Haley Walden

It’s the Invisible to Invincible Coaching Lab!

Build a thriving business, make a powerful impact, and confidently enjoy the freedom and flexibility of your abundant life.

Marketing yourself and your business should be fun. You’ve gained the experience, wisdom and know-how to help others solve their problems – so it’s time to shine a light on what you can do!

The Invisible to Invincible Lab has three goals for you:
Accelerate Your Business Growth

Unlock your business’s full potential, shed limiting beliefs, and magnetically attract ideal clients with ease. We’ll blend the magic of mindset with organic marketing strategies to help you break free from what’s been holding you back and craft content that deeply resonates with your audience, values, and offerings. Past clients have seen their followers double and their qualified leads increase by more than 20% – all without the chaos, confusion, or endless hustle. So, go ahead, hit that record button; it’s time to scale yourself – and your business.

Escape the Overwhelm

Say goodbye to the overwhelming digital frenzy and the never-ending hustle. No more need to be everywhere online all at once. Our program is your serene oasis of marketing clarity. Elevate your messaging, evolve your marketing approach, and harmonize it with your values to ensure your clients achieve real, remarkable results. Plus, when you record live videos, you can easily repurpose them – giving you back precious time. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how many people inquire about your secret as you casually pack your bags for your next adventure.

Shine as the Star Authority

Ditch blending into the sea of sameness and welcome a dazzling journey to becoming a star authority in your industry. Armed with a crystal-clear marketing action plan and roadmap, you’ll boldly stride into the spotlight, sought out by others who want to know your perspectives and your opinions (tell me more!). Elevate your sales prowess through impactful live videos and other tried-and-true organic marketing strategies. You’re ready, and you’re well on your path to success, you radiant star! 🌟

“I didn’t know what I didn’t know!”

In addition to the SPARK Framework, the Invisible to Invincible Lab was meticulously designed for you to build a strong foundation for your growth mindset, marketing and success. Unlike traditional online courses, which often have a completion rate of only 5-15%, our program is tailored to encourage completion, build momentum, and foster a supportive community. 



It includes:

  • Results-Driven Approach: Guided by the SPARK framework, our bite-sized videos and comprehensive workbooks are specifically designed to inspire action and drive results.
  • Weekly Small Group Coaching: To ensure you receive personal guidance, our program is intentionally small, allowing for intimate group coaching. In our weekly workshops, we address your goals, mindset, and marketing strategies directly.
  • Private Values Session: You’ll benefit from a one-hour private coaching call that uncovers your core values, enabling us to tailor our approach to your unique needs.
  • Engaging Community: Connect with like-minded business owners in our carefully curated community, providing a space for mutual support, celebration of achievements, and ongoing motivation.

The SPARK Framework ignites your self-belief in a bigger, more impactful business. It’s about achieving more without the hustle, headaches, or the need to be “perfect”. Instead, it’s all about focusing, being visible, and connecting authentically – because you’re already perfectly perfect, just as you are.

And in that transformation, you stop playing small, being a “hidden gem” or the “best kept secret” and truly become Invincible.

The Invisible to Invincible Lab Curriculum

Inside the Invisible to Invincible Lab, there are seven comprehensive training modules (and several bonus sessions), designed to be done in order so you can start rewiring your mindset, align your business, define your audience, craft your message, and reach your audience using live video and organic marketing.

In this module, we embark on a journey to discover your inner strengths and begin rewiring limiting beliefs that might keep you from reaching your full potential. Through a private session, we’ll delve deep into your core values, unraveling what truly drives and motivates you. But that’s just the beginning – we’ll set some audacious goals and start crafting your unique brand story. Remember, there might be others offering something similar, but there’s only one YOU, and that’s what makes you truly unique. Let’s define the magic that sets you apart.

In this phase, we conduct a thorough audit of your online presence – we call it your VIBES Check™. You’ll also gain insights from studying your competitors. But the heart of this module is understanding your audience, not just as a demographic, but on a profound level. What are their goals, motivations, and the problems they’re facing? We’ll also delve into your offer – how do you solve their problems, and how do you position yourself effectively? By the end, you’ll have a crystal-clear value proposition that sets you apart.

It’s time to take your authority to the next level. We’ll map your customer’s journey – understanding where they are and how they find you. We’ll also explore the best platforms for you to shine on. And the icing on the cake, you’ll learn how to craft an effective content plan, ensuring you’re consistently delivering value and connecting with your audience.

This is where we dive headfirst into video content creation. You’ll master the art of both short-form and long-form video and everything in between. Live streaming can be daunting, but we’re here to demystify it, providing you with a step-by-step plan to get started. We’ll also work on planning your topics and honing your presentation techniques.

Now that you’ve got the skills, it’s time to put them into action. We’ll guide you through promoting yourself – going live twice a week. And we’ll teach you how to make the most of those live videos by repurposing them for maximum impact.

This is where we provide you with the essential resources and tools to make your journey even smoother. We’ll also teach you how to measure your success, setting clear benchmarks to track your progress.

Content is king, and YOU are queen. In this module, we’ll show you how to generate fresh, engaging ideas that will keep your audience captivated. We’ll focus on repurposing content for streamlined success. Plus, you’ll learn the art of evolving your content mix to maintain maximum engagement.

🌟 Bonuses 🌟

But wait, there’s mooooore!

In this bonus section, you’ll gain hands-on knowledge of essential tools and technologies to enhance your online presence. Learn how to harness the power of Streamyard, Canva, Descript, and Magai/ChatGPT. We’ll also provide you with a comprehensive checklist to ensure you have all the right settings and tech in place for smooth sailing. Plus, discover the convenience of social media scheduling tools to streamline your content management.

Camera confidence is more than just facing the lens; it’s about cultivating the self-assurance to authentically connect with your audience. This bonus module will help you overcome any camera shyness and build the confidence to present yourself confidently and professionally on video.

Your brand identity is the heart of your business, and it needs to shine. Some of our students are in need of this foundational workshop to make your business shine. In this bonus section, we’ll help you define your brand’s archetype, discover your unique voice, and create a visual brand that resonates with your audience. Dive into the world of style guides, including colors, fonts, and tone, to ensure your brand consistently makes a memorable impression.

Remember, this journey is all about gradual progress. After 12 weeks, you’ll have completed 6 live streams, boosting your confidence, visibility, and engagement. You’ll have mastered marketing aligned with your values. It’s a journey of learning, experimenting, and continuous growth! 🚀

How it Works

Online Classroom: The Invisible to Invincible Lab offers a unique blend of coaching and curriculum. It’s an online classroom where you’ll explore the SPARK Framework, starting with mindset transformation and culminating in confident live presentations with a clear message for your audience. 🪄

Flexible Learning: Dive into the program at your own pace. Access video seminars and learn whenever and wherever it suits you, making it convenient for participants from around the world.

Weekly Module Releases: Every Friday morning PT, a new module is released, available right in your account. 

Live Coaching Workshops: What sets this program apart is our interactive live sessions. Join us every Tuesday at 2 p.m. PT for live workshops, where you can delve deeper into your learnings, ask questions, and discuss your mindset and business challenges. These are also recorded so you can watch them later if you can’t attend live.

Vibrant Community: Become part of our lively Facebook group, a space for questions, hot seat/workshop sign-ups, and connecting with fellow participants. Kendra is active throughout the week, responding to your questions and ensuring you’re supported on your journey. In addition, the community of others gives you the opportunity to take advantage of the benefits that come from teaching and learning from each other.

Beta Round Perks (Enjoy the lower prices): While we’re still refining our pretty PDFs and reference materials for this Beta Round 2, it’s an ideal time to join. Enjoy the early adopter price, currently nearly 50% off during this phase.

In return for this fantastic opportunity, we’d love to hear your feedback and how the Lab is helping you achieve your dream of living a more substantial life. This includes expanding your impact, financial abundance, followers (by more than 50%), leads (by more than 20%), and, of course, your revenue. Plus, you will find yourself receiving interview requests, article requests, and more!

The Difference that Makes the Difference? The SPARK Framework.

The SPARK Framework is our proprietary, guided approach to creating the mindset and marketing magic that gets you results. Our framework breaks down into five key components:



Uncover your narratives, from current beliefs to aspirational stories. Align your values, mission, vision, and goals, both internally and externally. Identify unique selling points and differentiators while understanding your audience’s problem-solving narratives.


People & Presence

Cultivate your authentic presence for magnetic connection with your audience. Explore your customers, target audience, and brand presence.


Activate & Attract Your Audience

Master visibility and audience attraction on your primary platform through resonant messaging and engaging video content.


Resources & Results

Assess and determine required resources for growth. Regularly review and optimize growth through data-driven insights.


Keep-going/ Keep-giving value

Continue momentum with content repurposing and ongoing brand building. Realign your growth with your evolving goals and values.

Join the Invisible to Invincible Lab Now!

Picture it, by this time next year, you could be:

Hosting live streams from your favorite international destinations, sharing your insights and experiences with a global audience.

Managing your thriving business in just a few focused hours each day, leaving plenty of room for leisure and personal time.

Stepping onto stages to speak at conferences (even if the conference is dedicated to introverts) and captivating audiences with your wisdom.

Preparing for your next podcast interview where they have begged you to be their guest for MONTHS, a testament to your growing authority.

Turning away clients because you have too many and facing the tough decision to hire more assistance or add to your already long wait list.

Enjoying quality moments with your family, whether it’s playing catch, hiking through nature, or sharing stories.

Fulfilling your dreams, whether it’s acquiring that dream house, launching a new business venture, or embarking on exciting projects.

Creating a life filled with beauty, joy, and the freedom to do things your way, all while relishing the financial and time abundance you’ve achieved.

The Invisible to Invincible Lab will get you there. 
Join the lab now. 
Results don’t happen by accident.

Between the Beta lab, teaching social media marketing to working adults at several universities, and working directly with clients, I know what works. And this Lab combines the best of two decades worth of results.  Let’s go behind the scenes to hear directly from past business owners and working adult students who have experienced these results firsthand. Don’t just take my word for it – see for yourself the impact this program can have on your business.

Real Results From Clients

I didn't know what I didn't know. The invisible to Invincible Lab was amazing for many reasons. It was educational, interactive and my business progressed 1000% throughout the process. The ability to find and incorporate my values into my business is something that is important for the core of my business. And, lastly, but likely the most important, the mindset piece was imperative. I had so many limiting beliefs that were holding me back from moving forwards and this program helped to look at those and move past them. I can't recommend the Lab enough!
Nikki L.
We continue to work with Kendra to update our messaging and expand our business services. Before working with Kendra, we struggled to connect our messaging to different customer needs. She is a wonderful listener and really takes the time to guide us through the creative process to find the best solutions. And now we have a video podcast.
Merril G - Pic
Merril Gilbert
CEO, TraceTrust
Before working with Kendra, I was struggling with articulating my business value and promoting what I offer. After working with Kendra, I am now able to use many different channels to market my brand. Working with Kendra was extremely productive. She delivered a clear marketing strategy and provided a deep understanding of how to use available tools. Kendra really hits the marketing ball out of the park.
Heidi G
Heidi Gilbert
Founder, Groshell Communications

The Invisible to Invincible Marketing Lab is a thorough, in-depth program that walks students through the fundamentals of live video - and prepares them to go live on their social media platform of choice so they can reach, and be seen by, the people who need their expertise and magic most. Kendra delivers excellent, detailed lessons and encouragement while facilitating phenomenal mindset shifts that will bust your inner myths and get you steered in the right direction. If you need to raise your visibility in your industry, this program is as transformational as it is practical.
Haley Walden
Writer & Creative Strategist
Before working with Kendra, our messaging was really muddled, and we were having a hard time making it into an engaging story, so customers ended up being confused by the barrage of disparate facts we threw at them. Kendra is such a treasure trove of knowledge. Sometimes it's easy to get lost in the weeds, and forget about the big picture and what the measurable goals are, but she'll also reel us back in. We now have a great story in a video format. We're more confident in our pitch, and seeing results in having clarity in how we talk about the "why" of the product line.
Lilli K
Lilli Keinaenen
Teaching Testimonial

Money-Back Guarantee

Experience the Invisible to Invincible Coaching Lab for 14 days. Dive into the curriculum, engage in our group coaching sessions, and gave it your best shot. If you are actively engaged with the program, and it’s not aligning with your goals, contact us within those first 14 days, and we’ll arrange a refund for you. Demonstrate that you’ve been doing the work, and it’s not a good fit. We’ll process a full refund for you.


Please note if you’ve already enjoyed your 1:1 private values session, the refund will be what you have paid to date minus the private session fee ($300) and associated fees.


This policy holds as long as you reach out to us within 14 days of starting your journey with us.

Rewire Your Mindset, Master Your Marketing & Own Your Success.

It’s time to become Invincible.

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Select the Plan that works for you:

Payment Plan

Choose your payment plan for added flexibility. 

Our journey begins on January 22, 2023.

Money-back guarantee in the first 14 days if you’re actively working through the program and realize it’s not for you.* 

Upgrade your mindset, know your value, and see the path to achieve your goals.
Get ready for a fresh and enjoyable way to scale your personality, business, and increase your visibility, leads, and sales.

*Note – if you’ve already completed your 1:1 private values session within the first 14 days, you will be charged for that session ($300 value).

Pay in Full

Save $240 when you make one payment.

Our journey begins on January 22, 2023.

Money-back guarantee in the first 14 days if you’re actively working through the program and realize it’s not for you.* 

Upgrade your mindset, know your value, and see the path to achieve your goals.
Get ready for a fresh and enjoyable way to scale your personality, business, and increase your visibility, leads, and sales.

*Note – if you’ve already completed your 1:1 private values session within the first 30 days, you will be charged for that session ($300 value).


While the Invisible to Invincible Lab is primarily designed for entrepreneurs who already have a business concept and some foundational elements in place, we understand that many aspiring entrepreneurs may not have started their businesses yet. If you're in the early stages of exploring business ideas, the mindset and marketing strategies you'll learn in this program can still be incredibly valuable. While you can benefit from the mindset mastery and marketing knowledge that the Lab offers, however, let’s talk. Send a message to hello@kendralosee.com and we’ll schedule a call to see what is the best path for you!

Invisible to Invincible Lab primarily focuses on marketing strategies and mindset mastery. While it's tailored to service-based businesses, many of the principles, especially those related to marketing, can be applied to physical product businesses as well. The core concepts of branding, connecting authentically with your audience, and boosting visibility are universal. We can help you adapt these principles to your specific business type during the program. Reach out to hello@kendralosee.com if you would like to discuss your specific situation.

This program isn't tailored for launching a brand-new business from scratch. Instead, it's ideal for individuals who already have a business idea and the foundational elements in place. Whether you're at the beginning stages of your entrepreneurial journey or you've been running your business for some time and are now aiming to boost your sales and visibility, the Invisible to Invincible Lab is a perfect fit. It's designed to empower you with the tools and strategies to effectively communicate your value and connect with your audience.

Absolutely! The Invisible to Invincible Lab offers a diverse range of learning resources to suit various learning styles. Our program includes:

  • Training Videos: You'll have access to video seminars where you can learn at your own pace. These videos cover essential topics related to mindset, marketing, branding, and more.
  • Screencast Trainings: We provide screencast tutorials to walk you through specific techniques, tools, and processes. These are designed to be highly practical and actionable.
  • PDF Checklists and Guides: We offer downloadable PDF resources such as checklists, guides, and templates that complement the training material. These resources can be handy references as you implement what you've learned.
  • Live Group Coaching Calls: Every Tuesday at 2pm PT, we hold live group coaching calls. During these interactive sessions, you can ask questions, seek clarification, and discuss your progress with the program.
  • Facebook Group: We maintain a dedicated Facebook group where you can connect with fellow participants, ask questions, share insights, and engage in discussions related to the program.
  • Live "Get Sh*t Done Days": We also organize live sessions throughout the program dedicated to focused work. These sessions are designed to help you apply what you've learned, work on your messaging, and receive real-time support.

The Invisible to Invincible Lab is designed to offer a well-rounded and interactive learning experience to cater to your unique needs and preferences.

We completely understand; social media isn't everyone's cup of tea. The thought of it can feel as enjoyable as a dentist appointment. But here's the remarkable twist within the Invisible to Invincible Lab: our program zeroes in on transforming your relationship with social media.

It's about turning social media from a dreaded chore into an engaging and fun experience. While our program does focus extensively on social media, it's not about forcing you to become a social media guru. Instead, it's about arming you with the confidence to know exactly what to say, who you're talking to, and what topics will resonate. It's also about providing you with strategies that make social media manageable and downright enjoyable. By the time you complete the program, you'll find yourself not only at ease with social media but looking forward to connecting with your audience through these platforms. We're here to guide you every step of the way on this exciting journey.

We completely understand that going on video, especially live video, can feel like facing a dragon in the early stages. But here's the magical part of the Invisible to Invincible Lab: we start with mindset and confidence, especially for live video. It's like turning a "run and hide" moment into a "bring it on" adventure. Our program focuses on mindset mastery, providing you with tools and techniques to conquer your fear of being on camera. By the program's end, you'll not only find yourself comfortable with video, especially live streaming, but you'll also be excited to face the camera and connect with your audience. We'll guide you step by step, meeting you right where you are on your journey.

We want you to feel confident in your decision. You have the first 14 days to dive into the Invisible to Invincible Coaching Lab and ensure it aligns with your goals. If, after actively participating in live sessions and immersing yourself in the training modules, you find that it's not the right fit, send an email. Show that you've been doing the work and it's not a good fit. We'll process a full refund for you. Please note, if you've already enjoyed your 1:1 private values session, the refund will be what you have paid to date minus the private session fee ($300) and associated fees. This policy holds as long as you reach out to us within 14 days of starting your journey with us.

About Kendra Losee

Kendra Losee, the driving force behind kendralosee.com, seamlessly combines 25+ years of digital marketing prowess with advanced mindset mastery and NLP techniques to empower business owners to rewire their mindset, master marketing, and claim their success.


As an award-winning marketer with a commanding grasp of digital and omnichannel strategies, she’s the trusted go-to professional who has shared her wisdom as a San Diego social media professor for more than a decade. Kendra’s co-authorship of “Digital Etiquette for Dummies” underscores her expertise. Her live-streaming finesse shines through 100+ captivating interviews with partners, including renowned universities.


With a degree from UCSD and an MBA from Purdue, Kendra’s dedication to knowledge led her to master Neuro-linguistic Programming, Timeline Therapy, and Hypnotherapy, forming a unique blend of marketing brilliance and mindset mastery. She’s ready to guide entrepreneurs over 40, helping them unearth their true worth, build confidence, generate leads, and cultivate purpose-driven, sustainable businesses.

Kendra Losee

Join the Invisible to Invincible Lab Now.

Stand out, show up, and increase your visibility by showing up perfectly perfect – just as you are. Align your message, connect with your audience, and confidently market your beloved business (even if you’re just getting started).  No ads, hustle, or doubt—just pure ease and enjoyment of the success you’ve always dreamt of!