Use the Magic of Mindset Marketing

And Breakthrough to Your Bold Business

Bold Business Breakthrough Intensive

When we join forces, we don’t mess around. We dive straight into your business breakthrough and mindset, because let’s face it – that’s where the real magic happens. We’re not interested in playing small, and neither should you be. So, together we’ll smash through any limiting beliefs or mindset blocks that have been holding you back from achieving your wildest dreams.


We’re not here to sugarcoat anything – we know that building a powerful brand takes grit, determination, and a willingness to push past your comfort zone. But, with our guidance. support, and your audacious goals, you’ll be unstoppable.


During our session, we’ll align your values with your brand message, so it’s aligned and totally you. We don’t believe in playing it small – we’re all about taking bold risks and standing out in a crowded marketplace. And, with our high-impact visibility marketing plan, you’ll be making waves in no time.


Together, we’ll unleash your full potential and bring your vision to life. It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it. So, let’s do this. Are you ready to show up and make your mark? We thought so.

Breakthrough to Your Bold Brand Intensive

Each session is customized based on your goals and the sessions are either half-day, or full-day intensive online session. After our initial session, I’ll create a specialized session designed to help you breakthrough to your bold business:

  • Uncover your business goals and your internal values that guide your actions 
  • Help you release those beliefs and nagging voices that are leaving you feeling stuck, and holding you back from your goals. 
  • Provide the resources you need to maintain these breakthroughs long after the session is done.
  • Give you the tools to align your internal values with your brand messaging.
  • Prepare you to shine and dazzle your audience as the expert you are.
Best for you if:
You find yourself comparing yourself to others, dealing with imposter syndrome, find yourself making excuses instead of taking action, and more. 

Specifically, if:
  • You want to let go of what’s holding you back. 
  • You don’t feel aligned with your messaging. 
  • Or your actions don’t support your goals (because procrastination and feeling “stuck” are real). 
  • Or maybe, the thought of showing up on video, etc. gives you anxiety and keeps you back. 
The Breakthrough to Your Bold Brand intensive includes:
  • Pre-call and mindset marketing intro questionnaire
  • Half-day or full-day Breakthough to Your Bold Brand intensive session
  • Virtual access to me for questions throughout the month
  • Follow up check-in

You know what to do to create a bold brand and understand marketing basics, but can’t seem to get out of your own way.

Start Sharing Your Brilliance

With my SPARK framework, we’ll reveal your most internal values that guide you, so your personal brand message is clear, strategic, and positioned to rocket to growth. Then we create your visibility marketing plan that positions you as the shining star in your space. 

Get Ready to Illuminate and Ignite the Way

SPARK stands for:

  • Stories: Those we tell ourselves and what we tell others (our overall brand message and vibe)
  • People and Presence: Who is your target audience, and where are they showing up. Also, where do you show up to meet them.
  • Attract & Activate Your Audience: Strategic-results-driven-marketing plan so we can accelerate your growth, activate your audience and reach your goals (and have fun while we implement it)
  • Resources & Results: What resources do you need to make it happen, and we always keep an eye on the results.
  • Keep Going and Keep Providing Value: This is what it’s about. We continue to build your personal brand, increase your visibility, shine your light, and sharing your value, your YOU with your audience.

You're in the Right Place if You:

  • Have experience and expertise that adds value to your audience
  • Are feeling stuck or holding yourself back
  • Are exhausted from playing small.
  • Are tired of the free downloads, the hacks, the hustle, the dancing and the endless advice from people who don’t even know the pain of dial-up and crossing your fingers the connection to the Internet worked. 
  • Know you’re capable of more, You dream of being more, and of becoming the trusted voice in your space