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to take your business from invisible to invincible.

From Marketing Strategies to Marketing Mindset.

Go from “No I can’t do that,” to “Oh you came to me because I’m the best? Well the line to work with me starts over there".

How we can work together to create the right strategy to increase joy in your business, revenue (and your peace of mind).

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Say goodbye to endless research, countless Google searches, and uncertainty in your marketing decisions. Now, you can access personalized guidance directly from your favorite marketing strategist!


Pick My Brain sessions are one-on-one consultations focused on addressing your unique marketing inquiries and delivering tailored advice in line with your business goals.

Hi, I’m Kendra Losee

(prounced "Low-see")

I’m here to help your brand move from invisible to invincible. Imagine how it will feel when your business growth soars, and you can make it happen, because you have a results-driven mindset with a strategic marketing plan to back it up. Depending on your goals, we’ll help you can show up, confident in your invincibility as you rocket towards increased sales.

The Magic of Mindset Marketing

When we work together, we start with your business breakthrough and mindset first. Together, we’ll work to break through whatever is holding you back from reaching the goals you dream about. We’ll align your personal brand with your internal values that drive your actions, clarify your brand message, and create a high-impact visibility marketing plan. Together, we’ll bring it all to life. Imagine who you can become when you intentionally choose to let go and show up.

Your marketing strategy will be uniquely you.

Everything is based around my unique SPARK Framework, developed from decades of marketing, teaching, and let’s face it, annoyingly persistent curiosity. You know that friend who is always asking questions, learning new things, and then sharing them with you?🙋🏻‍♀️Guilty. 


With me by your side, you don’t need to keep up with all the “10x your revenue” formulas, funnels, and free downloads from the masses of hustling digital marketing experts over there. *waves dramatically at the hoards of bros-hustling-hard part of Internet.* 

Your personal brand can take you beyond your wildest dreams (that's right, I said it).

A strong personal brand can help you become the go-to authority, where customers want to work with you, top podcasters want to interview you. And you’re tapped to speak at important industry events. 

Your name means something, and you can use it to grow your business, change your career, or move on after you’ve sold your company.

It’s going to be glorious. And we're going to have fun creating and growing your personal brand together. (pinky swear)

You're in the Right Place if You:

  • Have experience and expertise that adds value to your audience
  • Are feeling stuck or holding yourself back
  • Are exhausted from playing small.
  • Are tired of the free downloads, the hacks, the hustle, the dancing and the endless advice from people who don’t even know the pain of dial-up and crossing your fingers the connection to the Internet worked. 
  • Know you’re capable of more, You dream of being more, and of becoming the trusted voice in your space

Start Sharing Your Brilliance

With my SPARK framework, we’ll reveal your internal values that guide you so your brand message is clear, strategic, and positioned to rocket to growth. Then we create your visibility marketing plan that positions you as the shining star in your space. 

Get Ready to Illuminate and Ignite the Way

SPARK stands for:

  • Stories: Those we tell ourselves and what we tell others (our overall brand message and vibe)
  • People and Presence: Who is your target audience, and where are they showing up. Also, where do you show up to meet them.
  • Attract & Activate Your Audience: Strategic-results-driven-marketing plan so we can accelerate your growth, activate your audience and reach your goals (and have fun while we implement it)
  • Resources & Results: What resources do you need to make it happen, and we always keep an eye on the results.
  • Keep Going and Keep Providing Value: This is what it’s about. We continue to build your personal brand, increase your visibility, shine your light, and sharing your value, your YOU with your audience.

1:1 Strategic Coaching Partnership

You’re ready to commit to becoming more than you are today and to change what you do tomorrow. In this hands-on marketing program, you’ll get a marketing coaching experience designed to help you: 

  • Align your mindset 
  • Develop a results-driven organic content marketing social media plan
  • Implement towards your goals

This program helps provide clarity, confidence, consistency, and connection with your customers. Through masterful mindset work, marketing strategy, and ongoing accountability, you can make the impact in the world that you dream about.

In this program, you won’t be doing it alone. What a relief, right? Imagine having a mindset coach, accountability partner, and a marketing expert, all rolled into one, who also happens to be a social media marketing professor (who always received stellar reviews) on speed dial. 
Best if you're ready to:

Commit to breaking through and ditching what’s holding you back. To showing up, and sharing your brilliance with the world. You are an expert in your field and you understand that it’s easier to reach your goals with ongoing support and accountability. Together we’ll bring your personal brand (and inspiring impact) to light.

Your three-month partnership program includes:
  • Pre-call and mindset marketing intro questionnaire
  • 2-hour Breakthough to Your Bold Brand intensive session
  • 2 one-on-one, focused calls
  • Message clarity and alignment
  • Co-creation of a results-driven mindset marketing plan for your personal brand
  • Implementation accountability 
  • Access to my marketing resources, workshops, guides, and let’s face it, even my brain
  • Mindset tune-ups (if needed)
  • Virtual support between calls
  • Your own virtual (slightly sarcastic) hype person cheering you on 

Three-month commitment to growing your business and shining a light on your brand.

Your audience is waiting for you, it’s time to step into the spotlight and dazzle them.