Ep 003 | Mastering Sales & Embracing Authenticity with Guest Justine Beauregard

Welcome back to another episode of the “Invisible to Invisible” podcast, where successful business owners share their journeys and insights. You’re in luck because today, the unstoppable Justine Beauregard, champion sales coach who’s been behind the transformation of countless small businesses, will be revealing how she helps businesses mastering sales and embracing authenticity. She spills her secrets on sales strategies and her approach to personal branding.


Sales Strategies That Shine

We’re kicking old stereotypes about why sales is a struggle to the curb. Justine starts off with a fresh perspective: understanding your product and sales process is paramount. It’s not just about the ‘what’ in conversations; it’s about the ‘why’ – the belief that fuels your offer and how you structure it. Authenticity is the name of the game. The power of a robust sales process in striking gold, she emphasizes, can’t be underestimated when it comes to mastering sales.


Justine’s magic? She helps folks identify and get rid of anything that might be causing problems in their sales process. Whether you’re wrestling with clarity on an offer, a missing process, or vaulting over objections, Justine’s expertise is the difference that makes the difference for many business owners. And she doesn’t hold back, she shares with us the nitty-gritty of lead gen and the impact of messaging that’s right on target.


Lead Gen & Dynamic Messaging – The Keys to Mastering Sales

Justine, with her impressive marketing background, walks us through the secrets behind successful sales. Lead generation and demand gen – they’re the star players, she says. Think of marketing as pre-selling: deploy effective messages, stoke interest, and debunk objections, setting the stage for successful sales. Best of all, she gives us insights into her own entrepreneurial journey and the challenges she wrestled with.


Personal Branding: Stripping Down to Authenticity

Personal branding is something Justine and I totally bond over. We know the deal: people buy into services because trust is the foundation for everything. Justine moved from shadowing behind a company name to boldly owning her personal brand, showing how trust drives sales. Your take-away? Embrace your personal brand, folks. The comfort in self-promotion? It’ll follow the more you do it.


Challenges, Success, and All That Jazz

Justine takes a deep dive into her past of conflicting advice: Should we chase dreams? Should we secure financial stability first? Her journey threads through corporate career, various entrepreneurial endeavours, before she anchored on her own business. It’s a rollercoaster of challenges and victories culminating in business growth. You ready for the ride?


Stepping Out & Finding Your True North

Justine and I get cosy chatting about courting discomfort, embracing novelty, and how crucial it is to locate and own your genius zone. Our personal stories, when aligned with our brand narratives, become our secret superpower. Justine shares how her critical thinking and problem-solving gifts became her secret launchpad. 


The Fruits of Action and Perseverance

Drawing to a close, we talk about carpe diem: seize those squirm-inducing ideas and don’t let them bolt. We encourage you to soak in your life’s details and moments, as they can make the profoundest progress. Want to know the anchor for successful action? Align those personal desires with business goals.


Wrapping it Up with a Bow

Thank you, for another fun-packed episode of the “Invisible to Invincible” podcast. We hope you’ve enjoyed Justine Beauregard’s sweeping insights on smart sales strategies and personal branding. Let’s remember, mastering sales and personal brand building is an epic journey needing smarts, dedication, and strategy. So, hang tight for our upcoming episodes promising more inspiration and learning. Until next time

Who is Justine Beauregard?

Justine Beauregard has been a Sales Coach + Trainer since 2008, helping hundreds of small businesses and entrepreneurs increase their income by up to 2,300% – and have fun doing it!



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0:00 – Introduction to Sales Coaching

1:02 – Sales Coach Responsibilities

4:04 – Entrepreneurial Journey Beginnings

9:47 – Personal Brand Naming Decision

12:20 – Authenticity in Business Strategy

17:05 – Encouragement for Hesitant Entrepreneurs

22:50 – Identifying Business Goals and Desires

29:58 – Business Growth and Lifestyle Benefits

34:55 – Connect with Justine

35:45 – Gratitude and Farewell Message

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Welcome to the Invisible to Invincible podcast, where you will hear from driven business owners and entrepreneurs who share their experiences and strategies, turning them from hidden gems to industry leaders. 


In today’s episode, we have an insightful conversation with Justine Beauregard, a sales coach and trainer who has helped hundreds of small businesses and entrepreneurs significantly increase their income. 


Key Points Discussed:

  • Justine shares her journey into entrepreneurship from a young age and how her grandmother, a serial entrepreneur, inspired her path (04:22)
  • The importance of identifying and overcoming obstacles in the sales process is discussed (07:11)
  • Justine explains how she helps her clients identify their ideal sales process (11:58)
  • Addressing the challenge of lead generation for hidden gems turning into industry leaders (13:29)
  • Justine shares her personal journey transitioning from corporate to entrepreneurship (16:43)
  • We learn about Justine’s pivot in her business and entrepreneurial approach (30:29)
  • Justine opens up about confronting and overcoming money mindset issues (32:45)
  • She stresses the importance of clarity, intentionality, and alignment in reaching your goals (34:21)


Podcasts and Books Mentioned:

  • Podcast: “People Over Profit”
  • Books: “Blue Ocean Strategy: How to Create Uncontested Market Space and Make the Competition Irrelevant”, “The Art of War”, “The Secret Door to Success” and “The Game of Life and How to Play It”


Additional Resources:

  • You can connect with Justine directly at her website, JustineBeauregard.com
  • Find more resources at KendraLosee.com, where you can access business coaching and our upcoming Invisible to Invincible Lab and Mindset Marketing Course


Thank you for joining us for this episode. Until next time, learn how to make your business and career work for you, not the other way around. Remember, it’s never too late be the undeniable force in your industry.

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