EP017 | Unlocking Joy and Power with Sandy Sembler

Embarking on a journey of personal growth and entrepreneurial success is no small feat. It requires the determination to succeed and the wisdom to navigate the intricacies of our own inner landscapes.

This intricate dance between our professional ambitions and personal development is beautifully captured in our latest episode of the Invisible to Invincible Podcast, featuring the incomparable Sandy Sembler, founder of SakredShe.

Balancing the Scale: The Power of Duality

Sandy Sembler embodies the poignant story of integrating strength with softness, showcasing that true power lies in embracing the full spectrum of humanity. With wisdom gleaned from navigating her own path of healing and discovery, Sandy introduces us to the concept of harmonizing our masculine and feminine energies—a balance that propels us towards a fulfilling journey in our personal lives and our business ventures.

"The essence of power, is not found in choosing between strength and intuition but in marrying the two, leading with purpose, authenticity, and joy."

Revolutionary Insights for Personal and Business Triumph

Throughout the episode, Sandy generously shares revolutionary insights that serve as guiding beacons for those of us seeking to make profound changes in our lives. 

Key takeaways include:

  • Finding Your Authenticity: Understanding and embracing our true selves are paramount. This self-knowledge becomes the compass for navigating both life’s challenges and business decisions with clarity and confidence.
  • Healing from the Past: Sandy’s personal story is a powerful testament to the human spirit’s resilience. She reminds us that our past hurdles do not dictate our future but rather forge our paths to triumph.
  • Balancing Energies: The journey toward equilibrium in our masculine and feminine energies is a path toward wholeness. This balance fosters a holistic approach to achieving success and fulfillment.

A Call to Transformation

Sandy shares more than just impart wisdom; it’s a call for all who find themselves in the shadows, seeking a way into the light. 

“You are equipped,” Sandy enthuses, “to turn adversities into opportunities, paving the way to manifest your invincibility in both business and life.”

Her message is clear: within each of us lies the potential to weave challenges into victories, to blend purpose with passion, and to manifest an existence brimming with joy and power.

The Essence of Transformation: A Key Takeaway

At the heart of our enlightening conversation with Sandy Sembler lies a powerful revelation that has the potential to revolutionize the way we perceive personal and professional growth. The cornerstone of Sandy’s message, and the overarching key takeaway from this episode, is the transformative power of balancing masculine and feminine energies within ourselves.


Sandy’s journey illuminates a different path in a world where the hustle culture often dictates our moves and societal norms can limit our understanding of strength. She eloquently shares how the harmony between our inherent energies – the assertive, action-oriented masculine, and the intuitive, creative feminine – paves the way for a life overflowing with joy, empowerment, and success.


It’s not about favoring one energy over the other but about embracing both to unlock our fullest potential.


Why is this balance crucial?

Sandy’s insights reveal that when we integrate these energies, we embark on a journey of profound self-discovery and healing. This equilibrium allows us to tackle past traumas with grace, navigate our entrepreneurial endeavors with clarity, and lead a life that is truly aligned with our core values.

In essence, this balanced approach becomes the foundation upon which we can build an invincible presence in both our personal lives and our business ventures.


The message is clear: the journey toward harmony within is the first step towards manifesting an external reality brimming with possibilities, opportunities, and fulfillment. Sandy’s practical tips and heartfelt stories serve not just as a roadmap but as a beacon of hope for anyone ready to transform their invisible struggles into invincible strengths.

Embark on Your Journey

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Discover how you, too, can harmonize your energies and unlock joy and power in your personal and professional life.

About Sandy Sembler

Sandy Sembler, recognized as the “Women’s Embodiment Expert”, weaves richly embodied life experiences, feminine and masculine dynamics, and trauma-informed somatics into her SakredShe MethodTM, guiding the modern-day woman to liberate her past, unapologetically reclaim and rewild her powerfully unique voice and intuition, and step out of the shadows to light up the world with her fullest expression. She also co-created the Art of Creative Relationships, a couples program, with her husband, John, where they believe that the last 5% of our healing occurs in relationships – where we often receive our deepest wounds.


The most remarkable transformations occur within these spaces of repair, and a sacred union is born. By breaking the cycle of repetitive patterns and complacency, couples learn to rekindle the fire within their partnership, deepening their love and passion in ways they never thought possible.


Through SakredShe, Sandy is creating more than a method; she is nurturing a global sisterhood – a haven where women can evolve, express, and uncover their most authentic selves. 


Sandy intends to touch 12 million lives within five years – directly and indirectly – through her SakredShe curriculum suite of 1:1 and group coaching programs, self-study courses, books, and live events.



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EP 017 – Transcript | Harmonizing Energies: Unlocking Joy and Power with Sandy Sembler


[00:00:00] Are you ready to tap into the power of feminine and masculine energy? Sandy Sembler, founder of the SakredShe joined me today to share her insights. on healing past traumas, embracing your authentic self, and the joy of living an aligned life when you can find harmony with those masculine and feminine energies within each of us.


[00:00:26] Throughout the episode, Sandy shares practical tips and inspirational stories that I found so effective. I’m adding one of those tips into my daily routine starting today. So stick with us and discover how you can embrace your true potential in this episode of the Invisible to Invincible podcast. I’m Kendra Losee.


[00:00:49] Let’s get started.


[00:00:50] Welcome Sandy. I’m excited you’re here today. I am too. Thank you for having me. So fun. One of the things that really, like you do a lot of work that I think is very unique. So in your words versus mine, cause you’re going to be able to explain it a lot better than I can. Can you please let everyone know what it is that you do?


[00:01:11] Yeah, I love that. Well, SakredShe is, is my company and SakredShe is an internationally known women’s organization and the sense of we’re a community that really teaches to allow yourself to feel what you feel, feel what you feel in order for you to actually show up brighter and better in the world.


[00:01:31] SakredShe was born from a healing journey. A healing journey where I was, basically gobsmacked about 11 years ago when I had an intervention with Tony Robbins and really was shown that I was operating more out of my masculine than my feminine. And that would come from a place of more of trauma from a hard childhood and having to work at 12.


[00:01:48] It wasn’t like I was a budding entrepreneur, wanted to be one. It was like out of design. And I’m so grateful for it because I have. such a great work ethic. But what I do is I really help women alchemize, you know, their experiences and turning their pain to purpose, showing up unapologetically for who they are and learning how to rewild themselves.


[00:02:06] Going back down to that, that, that little girl that lives within. Some people like to call her the inner child. I actually think it’s like my little girl and she has a name and her name is Simone. And how can we actually bring back more joy and Fire and funky and you know, sometimes a fight where maybe we have shushed her.


[00:02:23] And I think it’s super important. And honestly, if you would’ve told me maybe 12 years ago, this is what I would be my purpose out in the world, I always knew that my life was gonna be my dharma and this. This is earth school. I always like to say, but if you would have told me it was this, I would have told you, you were crazy.


[00:02:39] But I really have seen after working with so many women, even before sacred, she and business and teaching women how to launch their businesses, a lot of women out there, my friend that were, they were happy, but they weren’t. They weren’t unabashedly joyful for no reason.


[00:02:54] Their light had really been dimmed and they were attempting to keep up with the whole hustle culture. And that culture is really one that is that it doesn’t serve our health. It doesn’t serve our wealth. It doesn’t serve our partners. It does. It’s really, if we’re going to pass something down, is that really what we want to pass down is how much we did that day.


[00:03:10] And I don’t just mean the amount of money you made, but. All the things. So I really I call it Google mapping in our community. Google map your life. And how are you showing up? And is it really helping you get to where you want to go at the end of your lifetime? If you live your life in hindsight, how do you want to be known?


[00:03:27] How do you want to be thought of? And what legacy do you want to leave? And for me, I hope it is that I actually added smiles to a lot of people’s faces. And my mantra is I’m a beacon of light for, a creator for God and I share God’s love in a fun and funky way. And I can promise you that is what I do.


[00:03:44] And it shows up at a lot of different ways. Like we were saying earlier, it’s, what’s good for Sandy is good for the world. And I don’t mean that in a hedonistic way. What I mean is when we’re connected. I teach my women to live in a connected space, knowing who they are, finding out their core desires, and then show up for life like that.


[00:04:01] Show up for like, as her, and the world will show up for you. It sounds cliche, but it really is true. It really, really is true. I’ve seen it time and time and time again. I have so many things I want to unpack in what you just said. I’m trying to remember them all. I’m like, okay, okay, okay. So first of all, for people listening, can you define, I’m going to take us to the basics for a second.


[00:04:24] Can you define the difference between masculine and feminine energy? I just want to make sure we’re starting at the same place. 100%. And it’s not, and it’s not gender specific when, when you’re talking about the way I’m teaching it, it really is more the masculine and feminine alpha Omega that lives inside of all of us, the yin and yang.


[00:04:41] But I’ll use masculine feminine because that’s the way I teach it. So again, that’s where we’ll go. But again, the masculine is your go mode. The masculine is your boundaries. The masculine is, getting it done. It’s that part of us that that walks in integrity. Right. That’s that. And then our our feminine is our, is our artfulness.


[00:04:59] The feminine is the life giver. The feminine is the creativity. The feminine is emotional intelligence. It’s actually the creative side of us. And I share often that, you know, if we had more men, in the world actually with a more healthy feminine energy, then they would be leading more with their intuition.


[00:05:16] They will be collaborating more. There would be maybe less. tition per se. And they would maybe be more heart centered, right? Where women now I find even to this day going shoulder to shoulder with the man means they have to actually like not love men. And the truth is, is that if we can show up with our superpower, which is our feminine intuition, which is that part of us, then that is the part of us is able to receive because the feminine is the art of receivership.


[00:05:43] Money is receiving. So the more people can heal their feminine, the more successful I find that they can be. So again, It is that life giver that we are in the feminine, and I find that more women who are attracted to my work generally are showing up more in their masculine where they dim their light, either because they thought they needed to for their relationships that they’re in, their life that they’re in, the lot they were handed down, they think.


[00:06:11] Versus a woman who shows up super feminine. I generally find that that’s the woman who’s attracted to me, someone who’s, you know, whether they’re 19 or 82, I’ve worked with all ages in between it. We all have that part of us that that is looking to be seen, heard, understood and feel safe. And that masculine part of us is looking to be revered and respected.


[00:06:32] So when I’m working with partnership, I’ll just share this. I mean, there’s always somebody who’s more feminine, someone who’s more masculine. And it works with same sex relationships to when you find that you’re both showing up as as both as you show up both feminine. Your relationship will be depolarized.


[00:06:47] Same thing masculine. So there’s little tricks and embodiment practices we can do in the moment to create some, some, some polarity, some sacred theater so you can alchemize those emotions. So there was a long answer to your question, but I want to it’s I want to make sure we go outside of the realm of just masculine feminine because it’s it’s actually quite complex.


[00:07:08] It’s simple, but it’s not easy. You know what I mean? It’s simple, but it’s not easy and it’s weaponized so much out there in the world. And I really teach it differently where we don’t have to go to Sedona. I always say and dance in a goddess circle. to feminine. The divine lives in all of us. We don’t have to go be more feminine or be more masculine.


[00:07:27] We are, we just are, we be, we be those already, like we be those, right? That’s who we are. And I like to teach that. Those softening practices for those who are, you know, primarily more feminine or core, you can walk through a doorframe and have it be a practice every time you walk through a doorframe, can you do a little body check?


[00:07:47] And you know, can you soften your jaw? Can you swivel your hips? You know, can you just, you know, Pay attention. Are you in your body? Go through your five senses and then sit back down at your desk and you’ll notice that you’ll be more productive because you’re going to feel more alive. There’s more chi, more energy running through your body.


[00:08:03] Now, if you’re always running the energy through your body, you probably won’t get a darn thing done. So we got to make sure we got a healthy masculine as well. And I know for myself when I first started doing this work, I really had to reign it back in because I was having so much fun out there in the world and really enjoying myself and, and wait a minute.


[00:08:21] And and that’s why I bring in something called the masculine cleanse you know, which I’ve learned from beautiful teachers and with Kendra through the years where you heal your own relationship with the masculine and I don’t mean, and so you, when I say masculine cleanse, people think. Like not having sex, for example, I mean, like feeling the masculine from within and noticing where do you need to tidy up things?


[00:08:43] Where do you need to tend to your garden? Yeah, there’s, that’s a little bit about how we get dropped into, to this work. It’s so interesting. And I, I still to re like, for me, I was one of those people that was always like executive at my, at the, at the places I was working and, you know, rose up and stayed up.


[00:09:05] Yeah. As far as executive level, that kind of thing, and it just, it wasn’t important to me. Yes. So when I got laid off twice, I started my own business, but then I found myself with a whole other thing. Right. Because all of a sudden I was, and all the hustle culture and everything was bombarding me. Yeah.


[00:09:23] And like on the other hand was like Girl boss, which I. I have very strong feelings about that. But it was very much everywhere. And so it wasn’t until I first heard about even feminine energy, which is crazy because I’m in California. Like I, it had just never come into my purview. Right. Once I started trying to figure out like this hustle culture is not working for me, I’m struggling with my business.


[00:09:46] I’m trying to figure out who I want to be, what I want to do, all of those things. And then I, you know, and I know what I’m really good at. So it was like, how do I fit my skills into those things in a way that felt good? And it was the, in a way that felt good, that had me driving. And, you know, I first, and I very distinctly remember, I was like, I don’t know what this is, but I’m going to sign up to learn about it.


[00:10:10] And as soon as I was like, okay, it’s a little too woo out there for me. Once I got past that like judgment piece I don’t know it. So therefore it’s not right. How is this gonna help me? It was very surprising to me how when I learned to Change just some of the things that I did and how I approached things What felt better?


[00:10:36] 100%. I mean, it really is when we can envision ourselves already there. And that’s the gift of the feminine to, to, I mean, we see, you know, let’s face it. Have you ever seen an ugly baby? Probably, but is your baby ugly? Never. You know what I mean? Like, we have the vision to be able to see, And that’s also why, you know, we can get in trouble in, in relationships more often than men where we where we see potential and fall in love with potential.


[00:10:59] That’s a whole nother conversation, right? But we can, but we hate how you do anything is how you do everything. So if we can have like, oh, I could start. Fit, shine that business and make it work well, are you really supposed to? Right? Is it in alignment with who you are, just like we talk about in partnership?


[00:11:12] So again, it it really does. They really do overlap quite a bit. I honor you too for being able to tap into what’s pleasurable to you. And when I talk about pleasure, so many people think I’m talking about sex and. I am sometimes. And also it’s like, but what feels good to the senses? You know, I feel into, or I before I say yes to, I’ll just say, even, even like talking to you, like when it was you know, reaching out to even inquire, is this a yes?


[00:11:38] Does it feel good? I’ll tap into even, it sounds silly, but even my little girl, like Simone, like, what do you think about this? And because I’ve learned to have this different relationship with her because I didn’t have one for so long, right? She’s the one that actually, you know, needs the protection, needs the love, wants to go play.


[00:11:55] And I really honor you for that, that you really, first off, took the chance to, you know, to, you know, just change it all up. And you pivoted well, because that’s not an easy, easy task. And that actually is a good sense of adventure from the feminine, right? And the mask is going to go, I’ve got you, boo.


[00:12:10] We can do this. All the personalities going, going on, all the conversations. Yeah, exactly. So you mentioned that before you were helping business owners and Like, talk to me a little bit about that, that pivot point. Yeah. You mentioned an intervention. You mentioned what, what were you doing before? Yeah. So I was I moved to Florida and when I was young, in my young twenties, I was with a mortgage company and I and then I left that company and started my own.


[00:12:44] So I was in banking and finance. Believe it or not. But it was which again, that surprises me, but I, and how I, that happened, I was literally coming home from a trip. I lived in Charlotte and I sat between these two men, these two guys, and we started chatting and they were talking to me about real estate.


[00:12:59] And I’m like, that sounds interesting. And I was like, I’ll go get my real estate. I was like, whatever. I mean, I was like young and didn’t know any better. Let’s take a chance. Let’s go. And so I ended up getting my real estate license and ended up in a working mortgage company, started investing in homes and mobile home parks and things like that.


[00:13:17] But ended up here in the Tampa Bay and and worked for a bank and then launched my own mortgage company. And then from there from there, that’s when I started I went through a breakup and I launched I started working within Stella and Dot and which is a jewelry company and I, you know, was helping a lot of different women launch their businesses and so around the world.


[00:13:38] And it was fascinating because women from all ages, so went from there, that type of team building, entrepreneurship building to then you know, what I’m doing now, because I was already coaching in the business realm. And then when I had that intervention with Tony. I was like, I need to bring this into my business and then SakredShe was, you know, born a few years later, about, I guess, five years later, SakredShe was born in the middle of the night.


[00:14:02] Woke up and was like, I need to actually make this a full time gig. And I moved away from that company. Launched another company. So I’ve, I’m always, I mean, I’m always growing, always pivoting. And but I know this is here to stay. We have a big goal to touch 12 million lives, you know, directly and indirectly through the children, through the grandparents, through the smile you give, you know, your neighbor how you walk down the street, right?


[00:14:25] I mean, there’s all kinds of ways we, we touch, we touch people. And I, like, I literally could just talk about this work all day. It doesn’t feel like I am like I’m working when I’m sharing and I’m teaching. In fact, I have an interesting way to let us talk about self care. You know, a lot of people think self care is like hopping in your cold plunge and I don’t know, running 10 miles or whatever.


[00:14:45] Cleaning their closet makes them feel good. Like. No to me like none of that feels good to me when I think about getting in my cold plunge. I like cringe, you know, because it doesn’t it self care to me when I teach it. I teach self care needs to feel good when you actually think about it. So when I think about playing with my dogs or going out in my garden and cutting greenery for my house, or I mean, sitting here with you like this is I’m loving on myself, right?


[00:15:11] And that’s such a different way to think about self care because it’s really overused in my opinion, the way it’s used it, it, it, it doesn’t have to always look so luxurious the way we talked about, right. It has to look so luxurious and pampery. It can really just be the way I’m being in that moment.


[00:15:28] And I’m just enjoying it for what it is. I always think of people like. In the bathtub. Exactly. Bubbles and candles and all that stuff. And I’m like, that sounds torturous to me. I’m six feet tall, like I don’t fit in a bathtub. All gay . Right. It’s like either the bottom half of me is in and my legs are up the wall or the bottom half of like’s nothing luxurious about like that’s kind of my nightmare, you know?


[00:15:55] Oh, you’re so go direct in the bath. Yeah. Like, no, I’m not gonna do that. But if I can go take my dogs to the beach. Yeah. I only have one, but he feels like more sometimes. Yeah. If I can take my dog to the beach, if I can take him for a walk and just be out in one of my favorite locations, like, That to me is going to do it.


[00:16:14] So it’s just so funny how everyone has their own opinion and their own thing that they love to do. I think about, I mean, look at the, you know, the Insta famous people, they’ve got their bubbles, their bubble bath and their. Champagne. And I’m like, no, just get me in the grass and the beach. I love watching my dogs play.


[00:16:37] I love listening to I’ve learned, you know, and I’ve learned that you can find joy in the eyes of a child. You know, you can find joy and anything. I mean, you can, it is, but you have to, we have to train ourselves for that. We have to literally make it a practice too. So I’m with you. High five. When I think about taking a luxurious bath, it feels like work to me.


[00:16:58] To get it just doesn’t feel good to me now if somebody draws a bath for me and all of that and then they lead me to the bathtub, maybe, but it still doesn’t play self care. It doesn’t go on my list. I’m still going to say no to that unless it’s longer, you know, so just just saying they do. They do not in my condo, but they do.


[00:17:20] It’s still like, That’s never going to be my number one. Sure. And it doesn’t have to be that good and that great. It doesn’t have to be. And that’s what’s so wonderful to be able to, and honestly, to be able to, I have a whole practice and a meditation around how to actually find the things that feel good to you.


[00:17:37] And a lot of times it’s going to come when you discover your core desire. What is your sacred relationship vision that you want for yourself, like the relationship you want with me, myself and I, and then the kind of partner that you’re going to call in if you’re single, and also the kind of partner that you can evoke from the one that you have.


[00:17:54] You don’t have to toss out the one you have necessarily. to actually have that new relationship. Sometimes it’s necessary. Let’s face it. But you know, there’s so many ways to shake up that snow globe of life and then let yourself be in the excitement of what it is. And I think it comes down to, what do you want to experience that day?


[00:18:13] Like, how do you want to be, how do you want to be experienced and how are you going to experience life? And. Again, it’s living more in the ver with the verb, you know, of this, of this place of like experiencing, but understand that you can actually be that already. Again, something that I wasn’t raised that way.


[00:18:30] Are you kidding me? No way. And then this is all, this is all learned, like I’ve created Sandy. The, the sandy that you’re talking to now is not the sandy you would’ve talked to. I mean heck, he probably even three years ago, even a year ago, I mean six months ago that power of the pivot. is real. And for me to be able to, to dance with that is it’s super important.


[00:18:50] Otherwise I get all stuck in certainty and survival and the world is not better when Sandy’s in survival and certainty. That’s for sure. So talk to us, can you share some of your pivot? Cause you mentioned several pivots and you’ve pivoted along the way. When you pivot, do you pivot with certainty? Is there a feeling of risk and fear.


[00:19:12] I know that there’s a lot of people that fear change, right? Or that are at this point. And I truly believe there’s so many women and so many people, men as well, that are at this point where they’re just trying to figure it out. They’re just, they’re asking themselves, is this all?


[00:19:28] Is this it? And there’s a lot of overwhelm and anxiety and self doubt, imposter syndrome, like all of these words to describe that feeling. How do you balance some of those typical feelings that people have? Got it. How do you manage them or how do you work with them as you’re looking at your future and as you’re looking at pivoting to, to go where, where it feels right and where your core values are taking you?


[00:19:57] That’s such a great question. It’s really, it’s, it’s monumental this time of year. A, cause the first day of spring is coming up. It’s also the first day of spring is my birthday. So it’s like, and that, that literally is, was, is truly supposed to be like new years for all of us. And so I just make it, I’ll make it my new years.


[00:20:12] Yeah, it’s, you know, it’s interesting to is, oh, I think we mentioned this before we hit record. I mean, if I am feeling frustrated, I know something’s out of alignment. Like, I really know that. And now that I know that at my ripe old age of 52, you know, I can say that with a lot of wisdom that that came with a lot of manifesting my life versus manifesting my life.


[00:20:32] And yeah. I, you know what I mean? Like I, I’m the kind of person that can make anything happen and I’ve realized that I don’t necessarily need to, and nor do I want to, quite frankly, I don’t need to prove anything to anyone. And that comes with, with just a lot of wisdom. I used to hustle it through and make it happen.


[00:20:48] Like I said, Now I, I really like to live my life in hindsight. I learned this from a mentor a few years back, and it really spoke to me before I turned 50. It was, if you live your life in hindsight, and you know you’re going to ask these questions at the end of the year, you’re going to look at all your pictures at the end of the year, and you’re going to do a collage, like you do your vision board in reverse, hindsight, how do you want to look back at your year?


[00:21:09] How do you want to actually, how do you ask yourself? How did you live? How did you matter? How did you serve? How did you love? I think for me, just asking myself those questions every night and journaling those, helps me know that I’m going to ask those questions and show up differently. I will say this though, because there is that, I work a lot with women with trauma and not just the trauma with a capital T, but even how Tony pointed out to me years ago, that my work ethic came from trauma came from daddy leaving me when I was 12, me having a single, as my mom being a single mom, suddenly me being a single mom suddenly is when all that came to be years ago.


[00:21:43] We can’t doubt. We can’t deny what this brain’s doing. This computer is making us safe, not happy. If I’m feeling like I’m leaning more into certainty and I’m trying to control, anytime that the feminine is trying to is feeling, is controlling, criticizing, or closing off her energy, it’s because she doesn’t feel seen, heard, understood, or feel safe.


[00:22:02] The first thing is to have the awareness. What is your baseline? What’s homeostasis for you? Like I know for me what my homeostasis is and I know I have people around me that also know what that is. They know that’s my higher self. They know. And if I’m out of alignment, I give them full permission to call me out on that and love.


[00:22:20] To just recognize that if you’re starting to control the outcome, it’s probably because it’s a. It’s probably because there’s something that’s not that you’re feeling unsafe somewhere and it doesn’t mean you’re getting ready to get, raped and pillaged and, and, and, it’s not it’s just primal.


[00:22:37] Something’s going on. This, this is allowing you to feel. unseen, unheard. And so making sure that you’re you’ve healed whatever it is that’s holding you back from speaking up from boundaried. You know, the other thing is is that I’ll share this as well because what’s happening in my world and the world’s going to witness me and a lot of pivots, I believe in the next, three to five years is, the last 5 percent of healing comes in partnership.


[00:23:03] And so as my husband and I’ve been in the midst of that, I mean, we teach, we practice what we teach. It has been fascinating to see. What’s come up for us. And then we’re see where we we believe that we’re here to learn from each other and sacred union. So we’re gonna learn and and then bring it to the world.


[00:23:19] I bring everything. You know, my dorm is to bring it to the world. So again, for me, it’s a matter of it’s definitely not from certainty that I want to change, but it is having a vision of how I want to live my life at the end of my years. And, I’ve had an interesting spell of a lot of younger people.


[00:23:37] I mean, even around my age that have passed away suddenly, and it really has, like, made me put some things in perspective. And stress is a killer. And, you know, I, if I, I really wanted to tell your audience to, your body is telling you something. And I had a real, like, really viral, like 15 million people, you know, saw it.


[00:23:56] It’s like a silly video of my little corgi looking up at me and I’m taking my hair tie out. And it’s like, It’s talking about what your body’s not telling you. Your body already knows when something’s out of alignment. It’s a matter of are we slowing down enough to pay attention to it? And I know for many, many women I work with, including myself at times, I don’t necessarily, my, my subconscious mind doesn’t want to see what I need to see in order to make the pivot.


[00:24:21] No, I totally get it. And it’s funny you say that, because I talk a lot about my own journey in the last couple years, because I was hustling so hard, like I figured out the feminine energy a little bit, but then I liked what you said. I, it wasn’t manifest. It was manifesting. Like I just was like, I’m going to make this happen.


[00:24:43] This is what I think needs to be. And that combined with like, I wasn’t putting myself first. And so my health was very declined and it was very much like I had to go to specialists and figure out what was going on and alternative doctors. Cause medical, like I’m not even going to get into Western medicine.


[00:25:02] But. I ended up getting certified in NLP and I originally went for myself and then I went back and kept studying and got my master prac certification because it was so important. Like it helped me so much. Yes. That I went back for more training. So that way I could work with more people. Sure, because it’s just such a powerful thing to help Release some of those things that are holding you back to help change and make those things a priority So when you look at the life you want to create like you said, however You’re going to do it.


[00:25:37] And I absolutely, I absolutely love that idea of hindsight and then great. It changed my world. I was like, Oh yeah. As soon as you said that, I was like, wait, what? I know. I did the same thing. I really, cause it was, I mean, I started thinking about. Like I said, last year was a tough year within our family and and I love taking pictures.


[00:25:58] And I’m like, wow, I I, I, in some ways I practice what I preach up to a certain point, but you can tell it wasn’t, it was an off year because there was a lot of sadness within, and I’m grateful for it now because I understand where it came from. And I’ve, you know, healed those pieces and, you know, we’ve held those pieces in the family stuff.


[00:26:16] I saw it’s all there. It wasn’t pretty. And and I also think that there’s to be able to feel joy, right? We have to be able to feel sorrow. There’s actually a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful gifts and knowing that you can feel the sorrow and you’re not going to fall apart. You’re not going to die on the other side of that.


[00:26:33] Yeah, it’s, I’m, I’m, I will tell you though, again, adrenal fatigue and all the things, you know, for us, especially as women, because we weren’t made. I don’t care what anybody says. We weren’t made to go, go, go like that as women. We weren’t. Now, maybe every generation, every iteration of generations that go and the brain change and the bodies are changing because of, you know, just for genetics.


[00:26:54] Maybe that’s changing, but I know at least me born in 1971, that’s not the case. I’m not supposed to be burning the candle at both ends. I’m supposed to, I don’t even believe in balance sister. I don’t believe in balance. I think it’s more of a harmonization because balance actually is too much certainty in that.


[00:27:09] I’d rather actually be able to, you know what I mean? Like, not live on my feelings. Cause that’s, that’s, that doesn’t work, but to be able to know how to bring in and understand, again, just go back to the five senses if you need to. Like, what am I experiencing right now? What am I feeling? It’s very orienting to be able to do that.


[00:27:28] I think that it’s, and also balance is different for everybody, right? People think like, Oh, I want to work 20 hours. Well, because that’s half. So you took a 40 hour workday, which no one really worked anyway, works anyway, right? And you cut it in 20 hours a week. Because it’s going to create balance. That’s not going to be the same for everybody.


[00:27:52] Yes, that’s The amount of money you want to make, the amount of time you want free, is not going to be the same for everybody. And that’s like the external things. That’s not the internal balance that you were talking about. Of course not. Of course. Yeah. And I think it’s a matter of learning to do the work on understanding.


[00:28:10] I love Byron Katie’s work and I teach it within my groups. I mean, asking yourself those four questions when you, I mean, there’s such a gift in being offended. There’s such a gift in judging somebody, even though we were taught Southern Baptist, me raised that way, like you’re not supposed to judge, but we all judge.


[00:28:26] Yeah. So you ask those questions. Is it true? Is it really true? How do I show up believing that thought? And what if I didn’t? The kicker is that you Turn it around and then you realize the person that you’re judging the most is the person in the mirror and that’s really what it is. And, you know, one of the things I’ve learned the last few years, if like, you know, anyone out there doing their relationship vision is, you know, to me, nothing sexier than a partner who has self awareness.


[00:28:51] Who has emotional intelligence, like a really high IQ, someone who can call their own foul, someone who will get in the mud with me and you know, not defensive and not not adverse to constructive criticism because like I said, I, I crave to be around people that when they see that I’m out of alignment, that they, they will love me up.


[00:29:10] Like love me up. I wrote a whole course you know, called Sacred Respect, which is how to teach the feminine how to heal their own masculine, but also how to actually learn to love the masculine in themselves, but also in others and how to artfully bring out and evoke. For the masculine to step up and step into their, to their, their power within all of us.


[00:29:34] And I realized how much I had such a disdain until I healed all those pieces for, men that were passive because of my background. And and also women that were super feminine, like women back there that were super feminine. I saw them as flighty. They were actually being, they were in their feminine, just.


[00:29:50] Able to go with the flow and the light, just the light, basically, where I like to, I like to pride myself that that’s who I am now, I drop me in a room and I can just, I just absorb the room in a healthy way and pay attention to my surroundings in ways that I never did before, but I didn’t have a healthy relationship, even with my own feminine.


[00:30:09] I didn’t, I was raised to not really dig men. And quite frankly, I didn’t really dig women either. Yeah. You know, it’s a lonely place to be. I didn’t even know what that was. You know what I mean? I just, I was in total judgment. I didn’t even know it. So now when I see, I appreciate women. And I think that by the way, I’m going to show you something.


[00:30:29] I found this out the other day by accident. Watch this. Yeah. You know this? I didn’t know this. You know these things? I didn’t know. If you’re listening, we’re playing with the Apple, with the iPhone. I had no idea. I thought I turned it off. Yeah, the other one is this one. I thought I turned it off on my camera, but if you do this, lasers come out.


[00:30:52] Oh my gosh, you’ve got to be kidding me. I thought I turned it off on my camera, but apparently when I did an upgrade, it, it came out. So we’ve got the lasers. We’ve got the heart. Yeah, it’s a whole party over here. There’s one more and I’m trying to remember Oh, this one, the peace sign is something else.


[00:31:11] No, that’s the balloons. And then the, okay. All right. Yeah. There’s like four or five. Like, I literally was like having a very serious talk with someone about trauma and I’m just like, whatever I’m doing, all of a sudden hearts come pouring out like E. T. I’m like, That was perfect. Thank you. I am a little annoyed cause I took it off.


[00:31:28] So it wouldn’t be on the podcast, but you know, why not? Hey, listen, let’s see what happens when you get around me. It’s all play. It’s all play. I know. And as you say that, it’s been interesting because as I’ve been looking at you know, pivoting a little bit more and pushing my pivot to farther along in terms of what I do with marketing, coaching, and overall strategy for business and helping people show up, right?


[00:31:54] Because they have that, some of that trauma and they have some of those pieces that are holding them back, whether it’s confidence or doubt or fear or whatever those things are. I’ve noticed that I’m being pulled more towards joy in my business. Yeah, which is something that like I grew up with.


[00:32:12] My parents had their own business and it was always hard work, right? It was that Protestant like hard work. There’s not a lot. You don’t enjoy it. It’s work. Right. And you have to work hard every single day, all day. And it wasn’t until I went through the first round of NLP that I was like, I, I don’t.


[00:32:30] So I’d already had my business for several years. I was killing myself at my last jobs. I was starting to kill myself health wise at this one by not by my own business, by my own hand, by not putting myself first to pay attention to the health challenges I was facing. And now, It’s like such a flip in terms of how I feel about it, how I approach it and being able to like, why do I do this if I don’t want to be filled with joy?


[00:32:55] Yes. So what do I need to do? Which is part of why I started this podcast. Honestly I love meeting people. Like one of my values is curiosity. Like, who can I learn from? Who can I meet? Who can I help show up and share with other people? Because I think they’re awesome and worth the time. Yeah. I love that.


[00:33:12] I think that, and that’s you. Honestly, giving your gift because you have such a beautiful way of showing up. I can feel you. It feels like I’m sitting in your living room or just chatting to your point. Like you knew it was best. Yeah, I love that. And I’m looking forward to witnessing you as you have your pivots and then bringing more of your heart.


[00:33:28] Again, for me, it’s, like I do see like a lot of the women who come and work with me, they do pivot because they realize that they’re not really living in alignment to who they are and they and they can actually bring in more of their of the positivity and more of the not false positive, but the realness, the vulnerability, the sorrow, the rage, the sacred rage and bringing their heart in.


[00:33:48] So there’s so many aspects of, SakredShe and the way I like to teach. And it’s never every, I mean, yeah. Every woman has their, their own flavor for sure. But I do teach there’s 10 women that live inside of each woman. And that’s super fun to, to help women get to know each of those because they’re definitely there.


[00:34:05] That’s a whole nother conversation we can have at another time. For sure. For sure. So as we’re wrapping up, you’ve given a lot of tips. Like I said, I am absolutely using that hindsight, your year in hindsight, cause that’s just so brilliant. What other tips, what last thoughts do you have for somebody who’s listening and are, at that feeling of overwhelm or at that trying to decide if the pivot’s going to be worth the risk?


[00:34:34] And honestly, there’s a lot of women and men as well who are just overwhelmed with kids and aging parents and jobs that aren’t satisfying and like just things like when I talk to some people, I can just feel the weight and heaviness of that conversation. I think, gosh, it’s such a great question with so many ways, whereas we can go with it.


[00:34:54] And there’s not just 1 answer, right? It’s not. It’s not just a cookie cutter answer. I think at first to, to tap into how do you want to in the end of your life? Like, how do you, if you’re like, if you really knew you have 30 days to live, like where, what would you be doing? And you knew that you still had to make money.


[00:35:10] That’s what. But would it look the way it is now? Would you downsize? Would you get rid of some of the things? What would you do? So many of us say we have to do something which trains the brain. We have to. I use that this right that I learned. I don’t know where I learned it, but was that that’s part of us.


[00:35:25] That would we say something is absolutely convinced the brain that it’s true and our subconscious mind believes it. So I always like to say until now, well, I need to work, 70 hours. Until now, because it convinces the brain there are other possibilities. So I think to that first off, Don’t pretend like you’re not burned out.


[00:35:41] Don’t pretend like you’re not stressed out with your kids. The first is like we in the field energetically we call it the triad of change. So there’s a, the first to be aware, and then there’s the acknowledgement and then there’s the acceptance. And then just that alone allows energetically for things to start moving.


[00:35:58] And to have the awareness that I’m not happy, how many people aren’t awake to even know that they don’t know, they don’t know what they don’t know, but when you know, then you know that you know that you know that and you never stop knowing. And it’s like this domino effect.

[00:36:10] It’s like being in a dressing room and you look in the mirrors and you see yourself for miles and miles. Like you can’t unknow what you know. And it sometimes sucks, but accept it that it sucks, but also accept it, like live in the duality of. I get to do this. I get to change my life, and I also get to not, and the key, I think, is that not living in the victimhood and recognizing, being aware if you’re the, are you the villain in your story, the hero, or, where are you in your story?


[00:36:39] And for me, I, I, I like to look at all facets of, of how I’m showing up and it’s not pretty. It’s not always pretty. I thought I was going to be in a much different space at 52 years old. I thought I was going to have tons of kids and, I have my one child and I have my stepchildren and I love them all.


[00:36:55] But I, have a dream to adopt and I have always have wanted to adopt and I still, and I, for a while there was like, well, I’m not going to, but why? I just, because I’m over 50. I mean, why? Like why? But I got stuck with that little, you know, bitch in my head that was telling me all the things, but that’s just my ego mind.


[00:37:14] So I think it really comes down to it. It’s, it’s the same thing, isn’t it? I know you tell your clients this too, as us to get really clear with who we are and what we’re doing. We cannot just positive think our way to the top. It’s got to get dirty. You’ve got to get in the muck. The first thing I talk about with my clients is we, they get to know the feelings underneath.


[00:37:34] The feelings underneath it, the two afraid to feel you get to dance with those, my friend. I mean, you know that you’re going to come out the other side. It’s going to be dirty. It’s going to be messy. You’re welcome, right? Like you’re welcome. Yeah, it’s true. And especially, and I’m just going to say this before, as we’re wrapping up is like, especially being part of Gen X where they’re like, you don’t feel feelings.


[00:37:57] There’s no feelings. Yeah, I would have also burned to that. Like, no, I, that got me in trouble. To not feel my feelings. Right. I think it got all of us in trouble if you’ve chosen to, to, to look, to step outside and look at it. It takes bravery now, especially with what’s being, presented out there in the world.


[00:38:19] And I’m not just talking about gender neutral, gender fluid, what have you, but the, but the feminine in all of us is the feeler. And I think there’s also, we know the other side, we’re feeling everything and there’s no, and there’s no. Mass and container. We need to be able to. I think there’s I’d much rather live like this with knowing that I’m feeling more pain in my life now because I’ve allowed myself to, right?


[00:38:42] I’m also feeling more joy and exuberance and experience more abundance on the other side, even though life doesn’t necessarily Look the way I thought it was going to at this stage, because that was very detailed with what I desire. But I also know that every, it’s okay that it doesn’t work out exactly as it is.


[00:39:00] And I’m telling you this now, a month and a half ago I was like, bawling and squalling and really not my own little sacred temper tantrum. And that’s okay too, right? I mean, they all, they all live within us. So I think that full range is super important. And this is for men too. This is not just for us.


[00:39:15] No. Yeah. It’s so important to honor. The the little versions of us who see, they have no fear until they do. Yeah, it’s true. Thank you. That was very beautifully said. I really want to thank you for joining us today, Sandy. For those of you listening, all of her links and how you can reach her will be available in all of the places.


[00:39:38] And for those of you joining us today, there’s so many tips that she. And insights that she shared. So it’s fantastic. And I hope you are taking notes because some of these ideas, I’m actually going to like go journal about later. I can’t wait to hear. Yeah. What’s that? Sorry. I was just going to say just like the curiosity in me, right?


[00:40:01] Like I love to try looking at things from different angles. That’s part of how I think. It’s like, okay, that’s such a feminine quality. It’s so beautiful. Don’t ever lose curiosity is what we need. I want and I want more men. I want more of our partners to be more curious about us, especially we talked about human design.


[00:40:20] We’re just, I mean, that manage in general, we want. Be curious about us. Give us something to respond to. Be curious and make sure, by the way, for your listeners that you do that, my free quiz, sandysembler. com slash quiz. And it takes you down this cool portal. There’s all kinds of free resources there.


[00:40:37] And I love to, to chat with folks, but that just takes you down to the space where you can like really do do some deeper research. But that part about being curious, you are so magnetic and youthful. And the way that you show up for the world. Yep. There it is. How you show up for the world that you don’t need to lose that.


[00:40:54] I mean, that is like, you don’t need to lose that. And if you ever had to say that, like, I’m like on a mama bear, like, no, no. Yeah, no, sorry. I didn’t mean to talk about squash that don’t squash that for sure. Yeah. Sometimes the the amount of questions that I tend to ask because I try to understand it from all angles drives people crazy.


[00:41:15] I will say that and fair enough, but the natural curiosity. I just absolutely love. And so I really want to thank you for sharing your insights, your experience, your ideas, and just this whole different take on how we use our energy. As women, how do we use our energy as business owners and just as people moving through the world, right?


[00:41:38] live better by finding that balance. So thank you for joining us today. And if you’re listening, you can find all the resources and links both below as well as on my website, KendraLosee. com because I want you. To be successful, both in business and life, because it’s never too late to make your business, your career and your life work for you and not the other way around.


[00:42:04] Amen. It’s so true. I love it. It sounds good to me. Thanks for having me. What a fun time I’ve had. Thank you.