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Merging Mindset & Marketing for Business Owners Ready to Level-up.

Amplify your brand and pave the path for profound business growth.

Embrace Your Greatest Asset: YOU.​

Elevate Your Personal Brand, Transform Your Business.

A personal brand isn’t just a logo or a catchy tagline; it’s the essence of who you are as a business leader. It represents years of dedication, insights, and achievements. When nurtured correctly, your brand can lead your business to new heights, opening doors and creating opportunities. By integrating a fortified mindset with strategic marketing, you’ll stand out and thrive in the competitive business landscape. Let’s work together to spotlight your expertise and drive your business forward.

Let's Collaborate & Ignite Your Potential!

VIP Strategy Session

Dive deep into a session crafted just for you! Pinpoint untapped opportunities, design your growth roadmap, and lay the bricks for a magnetic brand.

It’s your time to glow with clarity in marketing and charge ahead with newfound confidence.

Invisible to Invincible
Coaching Lab

Step into a transformative 90-day journey alongside driven business ownesr like yourself.

We merge mindset with marketing magic: spotlighting your values, refining your message, and owning the live video game. And the cherry on top? Maximizing your content’s reach and resonance.

Signature Personal Branding

Your essence is unique, magnetic, and full of potential. Let’s transform it into a beacon that draws in your ideal clients.

We’ll refine your brand, ensuring it’s not only memorable but radiates authenticity. Stand out, resonate, and leave a lasting impression in a crowded market.

Breakthrough to Mindset Mastery

Your story is powerful, and the world is waiting to hear it. Often, the biggest barriers are within.

Dive into tailored sessions designed to shatter these mental blocks, paving the way for growth.

Understand, embrace, and project your worth. It’s time for you to not only believe in your brilliance but to live and showcase it confidently.

Our Internal Values Drive Action and Influence Decisions.

These are the guiding principles for my business. When we collaborate, one of our pivotal tasks will be to pinpoint and embrace the values for both your personal brand and your organization.

Impact + Purpose

Are you ready to make waves and share your message far and wide? If you’re all about positive impact – for your clients and the world – then you’re absolutely in the right spot!


For 25 years, I’ve collaborated with a mix of businesses, from passionate solo-entrepreneurs to major corporations. And there’s one standout revelation: Personal branding is absolutely essential in today’s world when it comes to standing out, connecting, and making a bigger impact.


From cracking the code on marketing in regulated industries to co-writing “Digital Etiquette for Dummies” and sharing social media wisdom with eager adult learners—inspiration is all around! I dive in headfirst, and together, we can too!


Have questions? So do I—lots of them! I’m a deep diver into psychology, motivation, and how our brains tick. Once I’ve uncovered a gem, I’m bursting to share it. Together, we’ll turn those insights into your next big breakthrough!

The Unexpected Path to Founding My Business

Kendra at parent's lawn and garden store

Visiting my parent’s
old store location.

In the twists and turns of my career, I faced six layoffs. Each time, it nudged me closer to a realization: perhaps it was time to carve out my own path. You see, I grew up watching my parents pour their heart and soul into their lawn & garden business for over a quarter of a century. Admiring their dedication but wary of the challenges, I was initially hesitant to tread the entrepreneurial path. But fate had other plans.

Taking the leap into starting my business was transformative. Not only did I embrace my marketing expertise, but I also ventured into the power of live video and delved deep into the nuances of mindset work.

Today, it’s not just about marketing; it’s about the fusion of mindset and strategy. It’s about empowering business owners, especially those over 40, to shine brilliantly in their industry.

Every step I take is driven by my mission: to elevate these businesses, amplifying their visibility and, in turn, skyrocketing their leads and sales.

My journey has been about turning challenges into opportunities and helping others do the same. Let’s illuminate your path together.

A Few Things About Me:

  • First marketing work: I wrote my first sales letter (followed quickly by a few brochures) for my father’s lawn & garden business when I was 15. 
  • The year I started working in digital marketing: 1996
  • My biggest challenge in getting an MBA at Purdue University: My tri-state commute. Lived in Denver, worked in New York, and studied for a few weeks throughout the year in Indiana.
  • The number of live video interviews I’ve produced and hosted: More than 100.
  • Competitive Sports: I raced outrigger canoes in New Zealand, paddled in races from Newport to Catalina (26 miles), and rowed crew in college. 🚣🏻‍♂️
Kendra Losee_outrigger
Kendra Losee Racing Outrigger Canoe

Formal Bio

Kendra Losee, the driving force behind kendralosee.com, seamlessly combines 25+ years of digital marketing prowess with advanced mindset mastery and NLP techniques to empower business owners to rewire their mindset, master marketing, and claim their success.

As an award-winning marketer with a commanding grasp of digital and omnichannel strategies, she’s the trusted go-to professional who has shared her wisdom as a San Diego social media professor for more than a decade. Kendra’s co-authorship of “Digital Etiquette for Dummies” underscores her expertise. Her live-streaming finesse shines through 100+ captivating interviews with partners, including renowned universities.


With a degree from UCSD and an MBA from Purdue, Kendra’s dedication to knowledge led her to master Neuro-linguistic Programming, Timeline Therapy, and Hypnotherapy, forming a unique blend of marketing brilliance and mindset mastery. She’s ready to guide entrepreneurs over 40, helping them unearth their true worth, build confidence, generate leads, and cultivate purpose-driven, sustainable businesses.