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It's time to make your business work for you, not the other way around!
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Kendra Losee

Listen to the Voice Inside You. You Were Meant For More.

You’ve faced challenges, cultivated wisdom, and have a fire within that drives you forward. Yet, more and more, you find yourself holding back, letting younger, louder voices take the stage. Procrastinating or caught in the grips of overwhelm while you mindlessly scroll instead of doing the work you love to do.

It’s time to rewrite that story.

The world needs to experience the depth of value you bring. Let’s align your marketing, propelling your brand into the limelight it deserves.

Ready to step forward with clarity and confidence? With mindset marketing, we’ll ensure your message resonates, your brand sparkles, and you become the go-to expert in your field.

Radiate Authority & Mastery.

I’m Kendra Losee, your guide to invincibility in business. With over two decades in marketing, an MBA, and expertise in neuro-linguistic programming, my approach is different: I don’t just enhance businesses; I elevate business owners through Mindset Marketing.



Together, we spotlight you. Your personal brand is more crucial to your business sucess than most people realize. It isn’t just an image; it’s an asset.


We develop your personal brand, making you not only recognizable but irreplaceable, solidifying your position as the go-to expert in your field while propelling your business growth.

How we elevate you:
  1. Goal Setting: We start by setting clear business and marketing targets.
  2. Brand Clarity: Dive deep into your values to craft a resonant brand message.
  3. Custom Growth Plan: A tailored marketing roadmap to accelerate your business’s ascent.

Three Ways to Work With Me:

Invisible to Invincible Marketing Lab (12-Week Program)

In this group coaching program, you join a small, dedicated community of achievers. We merge mindset with marketing: from unearthing your values, aligning your messaging, and creating a solid foundation for your marketing, to mastering live video with a sequence of six strategic broadcasts. Plus, learn how to repurpose that content for even greater reach.


Dive deep in this tailored, intensive session designed to crystallize your direction. We’ll uncover opportunities, and craft a roadmap tailored to your goals. Explore your core values, establish a strong foundation for impactful branding, and set a clear trajectory for growth. Perfect for those seeking both clarity in their marketing and confidence in reaching their goals.

1:1 Coaching - Customized Support

Personal Branding Package: Crafting an authentic personal brand isn’t just about standing out—it’s about resonating. Let’s illuminate your distinct strengths and craft a magnetic brand that attracts your ideal clients and opportunities.

Mindset Breakthrough Package: The world is waiting for your story. And often, it’s our own mindset that holds us back. Dive into intensive sessions focused on breaking barriers and fostering a growth mindset. It’s time for you to not only recognize your worth but to radiate it.

Unapologetically You – Confident on Camera: Confidently embrace showing up on camera for short-form video, long-form video, and even live video. Shed self-doubt and embrace their true selves on camera. During this 1:1 program, discover your authentic voice, gain the confidence you need, and captivate your audience with compelling video content that showcases your brilliance and builds your brand.

What to Expect

Mindset marketing isn’t just another buzzword; it’s your accelerated path to business success. With the obstacles cleared and a clear direction set, watch how swiftly you rise. Our partnership is uncomplicated:


Book your Discovery Call

Start with a conversation. Share your aspirations and challenges. Together, we’ll determine the best path to get you to your goals.


Create Your Roadmap

We’ll develop your customized roadmap and start working on your goals. 


Embrace Your Transformed Tomorrow

Now, let’s make it happen. Engage your audience like never before, amplify your sales, and truly position yourself as an industry leader.

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